Bhatti Mines School, India

I love yoga foundation will be raising money to help support the Bhatti Mines School in New Delhi India.. 

Bhatti Mines School in New Delhi, India, offers an safe place for the children to learn and grow. This is also an alternative to child labor and a path out of extreme poverty, hope for the future and the freedom to live, love and thrive.

The Bhatti Mines community faces extreme hardship of poverty and unemployment. This is one of the most impoverished areas of Delhi. The 30,000 residents of the villages live in slum-like conditions lacking adequate shelter, running water, electricity, health services, schools and economic opportunity.

Santosh and Archana Singh began teaching the children of Bhatti Mines 12 years ago

Moses met the Singh family while visiting India and meeting Chelsa Hover of Amala Foundation. The Amala Foundation of Austin Texas has been supporting Santosh and the school. After Talking in the Hotel, Chelsea told Moses that he must meet and connect with Santosh.

Moses and Santosh met and had a great connection. After Moses Returned to the US and continued speaking with Santosh. The next Step was returning to India to connect deeper and mastermind with Santosh and his Wife Archana and also meet the children in the slums.

The initial vision was to open an Orphanage however our first course of action now is to help bring stability to the existing School. Currently YoGive! program which was inspired and created by Darren Rhodes andYogaOasis located in Tucson, AZ. offeris a weekly yoga class whose proceeds will go to support the children of the Bhatti Mines School.

Other Yoga Studios are also helping out, Southtown Yoga (St. Louis), Capitol Hill Yoga (Washington DC), SAY OM Yoga (Austin, TX) and Wild Mountain Yoga Center (Nevada City).

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